Products: Open Source Products

Below you will find a list of our various Open Source projects. Most of these components and applications are licensed under a Creative Commons license (usually the Creative Commons By Attribution license, because we like to get credit for our work just like anybody else).

Learn more about Creative Commons licenses here. The readme for each product will specify the license the work has been released under.

All the open source software listed here is licensed under a commercial friendly license. We make money using these products in own business, and think others should have the same rights.

To access our Subversion repository through the Web or a WebDAV enabled client, visit and with the following username and password:

  • username: anon
  • password: (leave blank)

Even more open source products…

When we started Wilcox Development Solutions, there was no really good site for contributing code back to the open source community. The simplest solution for us, like many other companies, was to host it ourselves.

Around 2009 that all changed, with sites like GitHub and Bitbucket

Wilcox Development Solutions has code hosted on both those sites:

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