Wilcox Development Solutions is always on the lookout for good subcontractors to help out in projects. Maybe it’s a product app we don’t have time to build ourselves, or a client project needs some extra hands.

The easiest way for us to know about you is to put your name and skills in the form below. While it’s no guarantee we’ll call you immediately, you’ll be on our list and we’ll work our best to fit you into an ongoing project

Wilcox Development Solutions is also a huge fan of building our own talent, or introducing people to new technologies to help them work better. Don’t be worried if you don’t fill out many of the boxes below – we attempt to expand the skill-sets of people working for or with us

Personal Information

Note: we totally understand the situation: it’s often hard to put together a portfolio of work, because all the work’s behind firewalls or NDAs, etc. BUT it would be nice to see something – utility libraries, dot files, patches for open source projects, whatever. It’s not a game breaker if you don’t have this.

Please describe projects you have done with the following technologies

These are the technologies we find ourselves using most often. A good description will allow us to pull you into a project when you can succeed

Leave blank if you haven’t done anything with it. We know not everyone has done every thing..